Anamo, Inc. Ranked Top 20 Cyber Security Technology in Digital Threat Intelligence Management Sector by CIO Review Magazine™

Anamo, the leader in digital threat management today announced that it has been named a 2018 Technology Leader by an analyst publication CIO Review Magazine (CIO) in a recent report. The report evaluates threat intelligence management providers by their solution impact and deployment cost efficiency, with Anamo ranking as exceptional in both categories.

The SEC Now Making Cyber Security Recommendations. Get Them Here!

How prepared were organizations to detect and respond to advanced cyber security threats? The Securities and Exchange Commission conducted more than fifty examinations of cybersecurity preparedness in the securities industry to obtain information about the industry’s recent experiences with certain types of cyber threats. For a free copy of this report please click here. If you have any questions about security threats, please give us a call at 949-629-3900.

US ProTech of Nevada Acquires Net MD Security of California

Today US ProTech of Nevada announced the acquisition of Net MD Security of California. This gives the combined companies additional momentum in the IT Healthcare security and service markets. The companies’ products are highly complementary and together address two key threats: In virtualized environments: access control by insiders (and those who gain their credentials) In data security in private, hybrid or public clouds. Net MD’s team will join US ProTech’s’, ensuring continued support for our core products, and services while combining management, technical expertise and business development personnel. About US Protech With over 5 Billion dollars of client assets and information under protection and management, UP ProTech is one of the most trusted, privately held, Computer Network Security & Federal Regulatory Compliance Management firms in the US. As a leading provider of related Audits, Management and Administration, US ProTech provides the highest caliber Engineering solutions for Secured Business Continuity, Disaster Avoidance, Pro-Active IT Management and Technical Support Services on a 24/7...

Should I Run my Business in the Cloud?

If you are still foggy about Cloud Technology, don’t feel too badly. According to a recent survey of one thousand adults by Wakefield Research over 50% of respondents believe that weather patterns have an impact on Cloud Computing! The reality is most of us are using the cloud whether we know it our not. Cloud Computing is a cost effect way for companies to have access to enterprise class infrastructure they may not be able to otherwise afford. The Cloud can lower capital expense for your business while helping you upgrade your IT Infrastructure. So What is Cloud Computing and How Can Cloud Computing Help my Business? Here are a Few Ways you May Benefit. Software as a Service Software as a Service (SaaS) is a popular cloud based model for getting access to enterprise applications. Instead of having dedicated software running on your company premise you can opt for a cloud based version of your software running across the Internet. In most cases the Cloud option has the same features and performance as the “on premise” counterpart. There are many applications available in the Cloud including Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Sales Force Automation (SFA), Email and even Office Productivity Applications (e.g. Word, Excel, Powerpoint). Cloud Backup Cloud Backup or Remote Backup is another option for your business. Many companies rely on tape backup for their business. Cloud Backup provides an additional option for offsite backup and storage. Your application data, files and other important IT assets are stored across the internet using Cloud Backup. In many cases Cloud Backup Technology can back up as quickly as your local...

How Safe is Your Password?

If you Google “how safe is your password,” you will find more than one billion webpages dedicated to password protection. Near the top of the list is “How I would Hack your weak password”. Here are a few suggestions for keeping your password and your critical data protected. Keep Business and Personal Separate. Don’t use your business email and password combination for personal use. Last month Zappos (owned by amazon) let their users know that their systems had been hacked and that customers’ email and password combinations may have been compromised. If Amazon can loose your password, think about how many other sites can as well. It is bad enough to compromise your personal data, but imagine exposing your internal systems at work. Keep business and pleasure protected so you don’t risk your business data in case your password and email combination fall into the wrong hands. Change Your Password Regularly. Just like changing the batteries in your smoke detector, changing your password keeps you ahead of the game. While some say it is a hassle to change your password, it may protect you from someone who obtained your credentials without authorization. Employees who have left your company will also be challenged if they try to hack your systems. Set a strong password. I know strong passwords may be hard to remember, but they are also hard for someone to hack. Use combinations of capital and lower case letters. Include numbers if possible and also other special characters if your system allows for this. Consider using numbers to replace letters in familiar words or include special keys instead of...