Today US ProTech of Nevada announced the acquisition of Net MD Security of California. This gives the combined companies additional momentum in the IT Healthcare security and service markets.

The companies’ products are highly complementary and together address two key threats:

  1. In virtualized environments: access control by insiders (and those who gain their credentials)
  2. In data security in private, hybrid or public clouds.

Net MD’s team will join US ProTech’s’, ensuring continued support for our core products, and services while combining management, technical expertise and business development personnel.

About US Protech
With over 5 Billion dollars of client assets and information under protection and management, UP ProTech is one of the most trusted, privately held, Computer Network Security & Federal Regulatory Compliance Management firms in the US. As a leading provider of related Audits, Management and Administration, US ProTech provides the highest caliber Engineering solutions for Secured Business Continuity, Disaster Avoidance, Pro-Active IT Management and Technical Support Services on a 24/7 basis.