Free Security Scan

Free Security Scan

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For 60 days, try out our scanning system, using the first process validated by the U.S. Department of Commerce and which exceed the standards of N.I.S.T 800-53, SCAP and USGCB! US ProSecure uniform scanning identifies known vulnerabilities of any two IP addresses (Internal or External) by:

  • Name • Severity
  • Max.CVSSv2 Base Score
  • Cross Reference • Impact
  • Background • Problem
  • Associated CVE Codes
  • Resolution
  • Remediation Plan
  • Bench-Marking
  • Trend Analysis
  • Progress Reports
  • Vulnerability List
  • Summary List
  • Tracking

The US ProSecure process also provides proprietary Web Based Application Testing, twelve different reports/summaries and where to “read more about” each identified vulnerability.

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