Network Assessment

Network Assessment


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Task Description
Detect Domain Controllers Identifies Domain Controllers and Online status
FSMO Role Analysis Enumerates FSMO roles at the site
Enumerate Organization Units and Security Groups Lists the Organizational units and Security Groups with members
User Analysis List of users in AD, status, and last login/use, which helps identify potential security risks
Detect Local Mail Servers Mail server(s) found on the network
Detect Time Servers Time server(s) found on the network
Discover Network Shares Comprehensive list of Network Shares by Server
Detect Major Applications Major apps / versions and count of installations
Web Server Discovery and Identification List of web servers and type
System by System Event Log Analysis Last 5 System and App Event Log errors for servers
Detailed Domain Controller Event Log Analysis List of event log entries from the past 24 hours for the Directory Service, DNS Server and File Replication Service event logs
Network Discovery for Non-A/D Devices List of Non-Active Directory devices responding to network requests
SQL Server Analysis List of SQL Servers and associated database(s)
Internet Domain Analysis “WHOIS” check for company domain(s)
Password Strength Analysis Uses MBSA to identify computers with weak passwords that may pose a security risk
Missing Security Updates Uses MBSA to identify computers missing security updates
Internet Access and Speed Test Test of internet access and performance
External Security Vulnerabilities
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