CONFIDENTLY DELIVER, SECURE MANAGE & AUDIT YOUR NETWORK INFRASTRUCTURE, TODAY! Would you “know” if an adversary was navigating within your computing network within minutes? US ProTech’s Soc as a Service is a comprehensive suite of capabilities and services and offers constant analysis of your network traffic while monitoring your cybersecurity risk 24/7/365. Thanks to this, you can discover how your network stands from an operational and security point of view and deliver Role-Based reporting from Line-Staff to the C-Suite. Our specialists audit your environment and deliver a comprehensive technical and managerial report including recommendations on what should be improved.  Access to our Dashboard and Alert notification is standard along with comprehensive reporting. Now, consider NetFlow, the ELK Stack, BRO, auditability and cybersecurity forensic data collection.   It’s our goal to detect anomalies, existing security risks, propose optimal network capacity distribution, identify critical points, detect internal and external attacks and identify which users and services consume most network performance. US ProTech tools provide “constant-audit” a very beneficial source of information for network engineers, security experts and application specialists.  The analysis is all carried out by the US ProTech SOC as a Service. We summarize the structure and characteristics of your traffic and we identify anomalies (with Anamo.io) and malicious traffic such as port scanning, attacks on network services, illegal file sharing, botnets etc. The specialists also focus on operational issues such as wrong configurations and unavailability of services. Considering:  Security Operations Center (SOC) as a Service Have you heard?    The DHS has rolled out its newest cybersecurity program and chances are… you’ve never heard about it.  However, if you have heard about “CDM” that...
US ProTech Meets White House Administration Staff for Private Briefing

US ProTech Meets White House Administration Staff for Private Briefing

Cybersecurity remains the center topic of business discussions throughout the Nation as we begin 2018. US ProTech, having been invited to a private White House briefing, is supporting the U.S. Government’s ambitious cybersecurity objective named “CDM” or Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation with its newest Cybersecurity Software: Anamo (www.ANAMO.io).

Attention Government and Defense Industry Contractors

US ProTech Launches New GRC App – Solves NIST 800 CyberSecurity Requirements. For an application demonstration, trial or more information, contact USProTech today.

US ProTech Named Global Top 20 Leader in Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC), for the Fourth Straight Year!

The IoT Security Challenge

The internet of Things (IoT) is much-talked-about technology. Driven by low-cost sensors, ubiquitous connectivity and updates to the Internet Protocol (IP), IoT is rapidly being adopted. Research firm Gartner expects over 8 billion devices connected in 2017. Cities use IoT to relieve parking congestion by collecting data on open parking spots; farmers can measure moisture in soil; and manufacturers use this technology to track inventory in their supply chain. Because these devices may use machine-to-machine connectivity without human intervention, this can increase the IoT Security Challenge. Here are some security considerations for IoT.

Disaster Recovery and Data Protection –Now More Than Ever

Recent Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, along with major earthquakes in Mexico, remind us how vulnerable we can be to disasters, and underscore the importance of data protection. As businesses depend on access to a range of systems–including call center, communications and collaboration application, customer management, and more–having a solid data protection plan can help you in a disaster recovery scenario. Now more than ever, a range of options exist to help maintain business continuity. Here are a few options to consider.