Network and Application Scans

With the US ProTech Advanced eDiscovery, we believe that there are many ways to effectively manage the vast amount of data and the increasing costs associated with responding to discovery, investigatory or regulatory requests. Our consultants will strategize with you, the client, to create the best methodology to utilize the optimal combination of our best-of-breed e-Discovery technology to collect, process and review data quickly and effectively.

Data Collection & Forensic Investigation 

  •  Certified collection experts—nationwide and international support
  •  Remote and on-site collections
  •  Industry-standard chain of custody processes for all evidence
  •  Comprehensive technical consulting and reporting
  •  Expert witness testimony

Early Case Assessment

  •  Data indexing for searching and filtering
  •  Data reduction and pre-review organization
  •  Concept searching, topic clustering
  •  Email-domain filtering
  •  Email threading and near-duplicate analysis


  • Full text and metadata extraction
  • Data filtering and deduplication
  •  Data conversion
  •  Load file preparation

Managed Review

  • Expert workflow for review speed and accuracy
  •  Depth of knowledge for varying case needs
  •  Local, national or international options
  •  Efficient use of review accelerators
  •  Expert QC methodologies

Web Hosting

  •  Powerful online review
  •  Foreign languages supported
  •  Training and workflow design support
  • Analytics, email threading and near-duplicates retained in review


  • Native production
  •  Image-based production
  •  Blended production
  •  Paper production

Paper Discovery Services

  •  Volume litigation copying and imaging
  •  Digital printing and coding services

Managed Services

  • Full-service of all eDiscovery needs
  • Automatic backup with our cloud services


  •  Policy review and data mapping
  •  Legal hold and preservation methodologies
  •  26(f) Meeting participation
  •  30(b)(6) Witness preparation

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