US ProScan: Web Based Security Scanning

US ProScan Web Based Security Scanning


What You Get with US ProScan Online

Vulnerability Scan (Internal)

Vulnerability assessment identifying known vulnerabilities, missing patches, misconfigurations, open ports and more.

PCI Compliance Scan (Internal)

Vulnerability and Patch scan for PCI requirement 11.2.1 plus 35 other PCI requirements that can be audited with a scan.

PAN Scan

Searches for non-compliant credit cardholder data across all your Windows and Mac OS X systems. Reports provide the location path of the credit card data along with the card brand type and number of instances.

BYOD Security Scanning

Cloud-based Security Scanning Service — US ProScan is an online security scanning service delivered from the cloud to Windows, Mac and Mobile devices. Opportunistically assess devices as they connect to your network and applications from anywhere in the world.



• Known vulnerabilities

• Missing patches

• Mis-configurations

• Open services

• Backdoors on all of your end points


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