US ProTech named to the RSA Top-20 List of Security Solutions providers for 2015! Read the article published by CIO Review magazine about US ProTech’s CEO and founder, Jonathan Goetsch. To view the entire magazine, click here and read: New Tools That Demystify IT Security and Measurably Quantify Risk, by Goetsch.


New Tools That Demystify IT Security and Measurably Quantify Risk

From deep within their Tier-4 Design-Certified Secured Data Center, thousands of software vulnerabilities are constantly monitored, investigated and vigorously blocked at their Center of Security Intelligence (CSI). US ProTech asks, “So, what’s really at risk in cybersecurity?”We anticipate that in the future, resources devoted to cyber-based threats will equal or even eclipse the resources devoted to non-cyber based terrorist threats,” said James B. Comey, FBI Director to the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs on November 14, 2013.  Since that time we’ve seen the Target-FireEye breach and well over a 100 or so other major breaches to Government, Banking, Healthcare, Retail, etc. Cyber-Criminals have actually proven that every industry continues to be vulnerable to their crafty skills and insatiable thirst for achieving the dubious status of Hacker@#1.

What’s next and how will we anticipate future breaches? US ProTech is taking cyber-criminals head-on and are doing so in three areas: Innovation, people and the correct deployment of comprehensive security solutions. “Clients are seeking the abilities we are able to provide them with, such as our unique Behavioral Malware Detection,” says Goetsch, CEO of US ProTech, an elite group of expert engineers specialized in offensive-side penetration testing since 2001. “It is high time the Industry becomes proactive not reactive, offensive and not defensive in posture; this is what clients want and is exactly what we deliver.”

So then the real question would be “how do we do that and how would we know it works?” The answer is somewhat simpler than expected. The first is having the right strategic relationships and innovative tools which US ProTech is ready, willing and able to discuss. The second is “IP;” no, not Internet Protocol; rather, “innovative people” who are credentialed, experienced and thought leaders in their practices. Lastly there are “Quant” processes available that are superior to 1-10 scales and that allow for alternative – even revolutionary – methodology in the area of how to measure cyber-security risk.  US ProTech is actively collaborating with author Doug Hubbard (How to Measure Anything) with his newest book “How to Measure Anything in Cybersecurity” to quantify risk in a way that is actuarially sound, a measurable improvement over alternatives, and can be directly used to inform individual security investment decisions by computing a “return on cybersecurity.”

Application: US ProTech was contracted by a customer to ensure financial and medical data security. The client, a multi-billion dollar Union Fund and Self-Insured Medical Insurance organization required a highly secure network with enhanced behavioral monitoring and reporting capabilities in order to become HIPAA and GBLA compliant. A Risk Assessment was conducted that included external and internal networks and application examinations, which revealed multiple areas of vulnerability, a lack of network segmentation, no defined security policies and no demonstrable disaster recovery plan. US ProTech engineers were able provide 100% client satisfaction with a redesign of the client’s network and the production of policies and procedures to meet their compliance requirements. Also prepared was a Business Continuity Plan that included a complete failover infrastructure that could bring the client back online from a secondary location within hours of a declared disaster.

US ProTech uses a centralized security management system to address multiple security challenges that face enterprises today. From their CSI, engineers are able to monitor clients ‘network security and manage multiple systems including: Real-Time User Behavioral intelligence, Next Gen Firewalls, APT Protection, VPN Access, Identity Management & Authentication, Email Security, Intrusion Prevention, Log Management, and Wireless Security. With all these systems in place, we still find that human oversight is the key differentiator allowing our engineers to correlate a variety of events and respond in the appropriate manner to any possible threats.

Company: US ProTech

Management: Jonathan Goetsch, CEO and Founder

Headquarter: Las Vegas, NV


Description: Global provider of computer network security and regulatory compliance management solutions

Quote: “It is high time the Industry becomes proactive not reactive, offensive and not defensive in posture.”

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