Look who’s playing “Truth or Dare” now…

Did you hear that both Wal-Mart and Walgreens Mobile / Web App’s were recently compromised?  If you’d like the full story from March 25th, see the link at the bottom.  While these events may seem like a daily occurrence, the question we’re all asking is if it’s worth playing games – or if it’s time to get the truth about how secure environments really are.

So, what if you could KNOW what your security posture really looks like as an attack surface from an outsider’s perspective?  If you had ALL of the information, you’d be in a better position to make the BEST decisions.  Read a bit further and learn how you can get this service for FREE.

What do these three companies have in common?

Starbucks Coffee

US ProTech


Starbucks Coffee

U.S. ProTech

Siemens Energy

They know “how” to select an expert!  When it comes to Network, Application and Mobile environments, Daniel Wood is one of the Nation’s Top Vulnerability Assessors and has been working to uncover the most common to the most complex of issues for companies like Starbucks and Siemens and with US ProTech. When you work with eminent specialists like Daniel or any of US ProTech’s other certified technical engineers, you dramatically increase your ability to have a clear picture of your security posture.

But you’re probably wondering: why should you care?  The fact is vulnerabilities do exist. It boils down to deciding if you want to address them yourself or if your management prefers to just cross their fingers and hope you don’t become the next target.

Because we have the expertise to exploit vulnerabilities and bring them to your attention quickly, you can be the one to fix them – before they ever get exposed.  Click here to get ahead of the curve:

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Sign up today for our 60-day, No-Obligation, Free US ProSecure Scan.  This scan offers a military-grade evaluation of your attack surface vulnerabilities. The process is validated by the U.S. Dept. of Commerce; it exceeds NIST 800-53 high-impact baseline standards, and those of the US Dept. of Defense, the US Dept. of Energy, etc.

It looks like the time has come for companies using web-based applications, mobile or not, to stop playing “Truth or Dare”…  Why wait? Get the Truth now!

Full article on the Wal-Mart mobile app: