Besides the application known as Anamo (, What other Cybersecurity software has solved the ability to provide (Near Real-Time) alert notifications when a port is either, opened, closed or more importantly “modified”? The list of companies that find this impossible include Tenable, Qualys, Rapid7 (just to name a few) but in fact, Anamo is the only commercially available product that does deliver. The truth is that Hackers would rather you not know about how they pivot through networks by changing permissions and altering ports. So, then who just returned from private meeting at the White House and what’s the big deal about CDM. US ProTech was in Washington D.C. to speak about a brand new cyber security break-through!

Anamo not only solves the network wide problem of the pivot, but its comprehensive forensics collector, software vulnerability integration and efficient user-friendly UI make the platform one of the most significant Pro-Active cyber security monitoring tools of 2018.  Better still… Anamo has 100% oversight and management capabilities of all permission modifications and it works as soon as it is installed. That’s right, the deployment is as simple as the installation which is both lightning fast and has an incredibly small footprint! What can you gain…? No lengthy deployments and no massive professional service fees by the vendor!

For more information – contact us for an overview of the product, to arrange for a demonstration or to apply for a Closed Beta or Proof of Concept within your own organizations. There is a limited test population – and we’ll just say that some of the parties may be “Presidential.” Phone: 949-629-3900 |


Source: Linkedin

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